Children cocoa 500 g

CHILDREN COCOA is quite sweet (not too much), contains more milk powder, less cocoa and is suitable for making a tasty and healthy drink for children from 3 years of age.

Children themselves can easily handle the preparation of the drink: take 4 spoonfuls of drink powder on a large cup, add hot-warm water (even straight from the tap), stir, let it brew for a minute and it's ready!

500g of children's cocoa powder makes about 25 large 200ml mugs or 30 smaller ones.

Ingredients: *organic whole milk powder 51%, organic low-fat cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar, salt.

*possible allergen

Nutritional information per 100g product on average: energy 457 kcal / 1909 kJ; fats 17 g of, of which saturated fats 10 g; carbohydrates 50 g, of which sugars 46 g; proteins 19 g; salt 0,5 g.

Price 1kg/ €24,90

Lisa ostukorvi