Coconut cocoa with lion`s mane 500 g

Vegan cocoa drink powder contains coconut(milk) powder and you can get a less sweet, intense, strong flavored energy-rich drink. The added lion's mane mushroom powder is known as a food supplement that supports brain function and concentration. In addition, the drink powder contains raw cocoa, which contains magnesium, iron and chromium and antioxidants. It is recommended to drink up to 2 cups a day

Ingredients: organic reduced-fat cocoa, organic raw cocoa, organic coconut drink powder, organic cane sugar, organic lion's mane 1.5%; salt.
Nutritional information per 100g product on average: energy 473 kcal / 1979 kJ; 19 g of fat, of which plenty. fatty acids 12 g; carbohydrates 26 g, of which sugars 16 g; proteins 18 g; salt 1.2 g.

Preparation: for a 200 ml cup, take 3-4 heaping teaspoons of cocoa powder, add a quarter of a cup of hot water, mix carefully and add the rest of the water.
It would be good to let the cocoa stand and settle for about 1 minute before drinking. If desired, add (vegan) milk, sugar - according to your taste. The best way is to prepare with a small mixer, but simply mixing with a spoon can also be done successfully. PS. It also tastes good cold!

Shelf life 11 months
Price 1 kg/€33.40

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